Fruité Vert vs Noir

The chart above shows the different tastes of French Olive Oil. We make two types: fruité vert and fruité noir. For the fruité vert, we press the olives immediately after the harvest. The oil is peppery, high in phenols and has tastes of raw artichoke, green almonds or freshly cut grass. For the fruité noir, we ferment the olives in air tight containers for about 6 days. This yields tastes of cocoa, sour dough bread, mushrooms, without any bitterness. The oil is more mellow. Fruité noir--only found in France--is a more traditional way of making olive oil. Farmers historically stored the olives for several days before extracting the oil, meaning that the olives began to ferment. Because of the fermentation, the fruité noir is 'Virgin' versus the fruité vert which is 'extra virgin'. Both are excellent oils and can be used to suit your own preferences!